WOW: Where all patients are treated like family

by | Jul 3, 2023

The Goal

Set a customer-focused and human “tag line” that would lay the foundation for every facet of the customer experience.

Additional Context

When I started working with my father in his dermatology practices, I was coming into essentially the same practice that was started by his father (my grandfather) some 50 years earlier. While it was successful by most measures, not much had changed over its long history.

The goal was to use modern, innovative, and human customer experiences to promote efficiency, customer comfort, and an overall improved experience. This Was would lay the foundation for future growth of the practice.

The Concept

“Where all patients are treated like family”

  • Draws on the concept of a family-run practice
  • Adds a human element that makes patients feel “at home”
  • Puts a patient-first culture at the forefront of everything we do
  • Holds us accountable for living up to the standard we set

The Impact

External Customers (Patients)

Patient’s feel valued

By treating patient’s like family—and telling them that’s what they can expect—they feel valued. Almost everyone has family, and those who do not have family know what you can typically expect from one: unwavering kindness, understanding, and support.

Internal Customers (Team)

Culture becomes embedded

When culture becomes embedded it’s second-nature. When something is second-nature, it’s effortless. When the way you want your team to interact with customers becomes effortless, it creates consistency and efficiency. This allows for time to be spent further enhancing the customer experience in other areas, which can compound to further reduce friction and improve satisfaction.

Food For Thought

Does your business have a foundational tag line, mission, statement, motto, or other principle that your team lives by and that your customers know?

If YES, is it known, prominent, and embedded in everything you do?

If NO, consider how this small change can make a big impact.

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