WOW: “Reception Lounge” replaces “Waiting Room”

by | Jul 10, 2023

The Goal

Rebrand the #1 point of potential friction for the patient (customer). The Waiting Room is not only the place where people typically arrive at a medical facility, it is also where they wait, anticipate, and stress. It’s a consistent point of friction, and simply rebranding it can be a powerful first step to reducing the friction.

The Concept

“Reception Lounge” replaces “Waiting Room”

  • Communicates that the space is inviting and comfortable
  • Eliminates the negative notions of waiting and confinement

Tip: When making a change like how you refer to something in your business, change it everywhere. In the above example, “Waiting Room” may be mentioned on your website, on signage, in internal systems, on training documents, and so on. Changing it everywhere ensures that the concept will “stick” rather than being abandoned.

The Impact

External Customers (Patients)

Patients feel invited into a space where they will have their first major interaction. An inviting and comfortable first impression sets the stage for what the rest of the experience will be like. Reducing friction up front can make lasting impact at future touchpoints on the customer journey.

Internal Customers (Team)

The team is motivated to be inviting and provide comfort and hospitality. Committing to the renaming in every instance reinforces its significance and ensure that your team won’t revert back to using old and unwanted terminology.

Food For Thought

Does your business have points of potential friction that could be detractors to your overall customer experience?

If YES, identify them, rank them, and consider small changes that can make a big impact on customer perception.

If NO, consider asking 10 different customers where they felt confused or overwhelmed. It’s rare that even the most curated experiences are perfect 100% of the time.

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