WOW: Rebranding “employees” to “team members”

by | Jul 17, 2023

The Goal

Rebrand what you call your “employees” to improve how they are perceived by customers. Elevate customer interactions and internal employee satisfaction.

The Concept

Employees” become “Team Members”

  • Makes your employees feel like they are part of a team.
  • Empowers employees to be collaborative and have ownership in how their actions impact other employees, customers, and your business.
  • Communicates that your employees are more than just workers, which can lead to better interactions between team members and team members & customers.

The Impact

External Customers

Customers who recognize that your employees are more than just employees will treat them differently. Customers’ initial perceptions will be that you as a company value your team members as more than just employees.

Internal Customers (Team)

Internally, your employees will feel empowered to do more than just their “job.” Being a team member promotes collaboration and instills a sense of ownership in what they’re a part of: your business.

Food For Thought

What do you call your employees? Does it instill a sense of ownership and collaboration in them? Does it show your customers that the employees are more than just employees?

If YES, think about whether the term that you use is used consistently and in every instance. By referring to employees the same way all the time, you will further reinforce the experience you’re trying to achieve.

If NO, consider making a list of 10 ideas for terms that relate to your industry and that can be used to replace “employee.” See below for some ideas.

Industry-specific ideas for alternatives to “employees”

  • Transportation: Crew members
  • Hospitality: Hosts
  • Adventure: Guide
  • Retail: Team Member
  • Healthcare: Care Specialists
  • Insurance: Advisors

These are just some potential examples among many. The above examples can work in many different industries .

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